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    What Shippers Want You to Know about Packing your Vehicle with Items before Shipping it

    Auto transport from Bridgeport Connecticut to Maryland businesses make money by charging a certain amount of money based on the weight and amount of space your shipment takes up.It may not seem like it, but those personal belongings can rack up the weight. So if everyone packed their car, hundreds of extra pounds get added to the shipment.This will increase the cost of transporting those vehicles. Now, the carrier is spending more to complete the auto shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Maryland process. Carriers need to be mindful of things like weight that will begin to affect operating costs.

    “Below The Window” Rule

    This rule states that everything you pack in your car when auto shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Maryland must be below the window line. The driver’s seat also needs to be kept clear.The transporters need access to your driver’s seat so they can drive your car onto and off of the truck.The amount you are charged for this option will vary based on the size of your vehicle. This makes sense because you can pack a lot more into an SUV than you can a small compact car.This adjusted pricing goes back to our previous point and carrier charging based on weight.The point of this rule is to make an effort to avoid theft during auto transport from Bridgeport Connecticut to Maryland. The idea is that potential thieves won’t know to rob your vehicle because they won’t be able to see your stuff in the vehicle.

    One Suitcase Rule

    Some carriers understand that you may want to ship your vehicle for a vacation or extended trip. Because of this, they let you put one suitcase in the trunk that weighs up to 100 pounds.Putting the suitcase in the trunk makes it as secure as possible. Limiting it to 100 pounds helps the auto shipping from Bridgeport Connecticut to Maryland business standardizes their pricing.Keep this in mind as you think about what you’re looking to pack in your vehicle. You’ll also want to consider that this is not one suitcase per person. For more tips for your auto transport from Bridgeport Connecticut to Maryland, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.