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    Rumors about Car Shipping Prices which are Extremely Wrong

    False: The Cheapest Price is best

    Many people who wish to transport their vehicles will jump on the least expensive quote they receive. However, it is common practice for some auto transportation companies to not include surcharges in the original quote they offer. Look for auto transport from Boise Idaho to New Mexico services that guarantee safe and on time delivery. Do not risk the safety of your vehicle for a low auto shipping from Boise Idaho to New Mexico prices.

    False: All Quotes Are Correct

    It is always a good idea to calculate human error into any quote you receive. Maybe you wrote down the zip code wrong and they think you want to transport your car someplace else entirely. It is good practice to double check all information provided with the auto transport from Boise Idaho to New Mexico quote before you accept it as truth. Small mistakes can mean a difference of hundreds of dollars. Also, if you use an auto shipping from Boise Idaho to New Mexico quote calculator that is often offered on transportation company websites, it is important to remember that the quote it gives you is only an estimate.

    False: Distance is the Only Factor Included in Shipping Costs

    Many people think auto transport from Boise Idaho to New Mexico costs are dependent only on the distance the car travels. This is not the truth. There are many different variables to consider when your auto transportation costs are calculated. Cost of shipping is based on distance, accessibility and flexibility. If you or your delivery location is in a hard to reach location, there will be an extra cost added to the transport quote. Also, if your transportation dates are more flexible, you will be able to receive a lower auto shipping from Boise Idaho to New Mexico price. If you want to get an all-inclusive quote free from hidden charges, use our quote calculator at . Also, if you want for a professional advice about transport services, call the experts of Auto Shipping Group at (888) 588-1269. They will give you all the things you need to learn about the process of moving vehicles.