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    The Proper Way to Prepare your Vehicle for Transport to Another State

    There is a very minimal chance of damage that could happen during auto transport from Boise Idaho to Illinois and whilst we do our utmost service to protect yours, it is worth preparing your car well to minimize the risk associated with transporting your vehicle. The very first step you need to do when preparing your vehicle for auto shipping from Boise Idaho to Illinois is to clean it thoroughly. Then afterwards, you should inspect it for any pre-existing damages even the small scratches need to be spotted. All of the marks you spot needs to be listed in the Bill of Lading so you have a document you can compare with once your vehicle arrives.

    Remove Custom Products and Personal Items

    Your vehicle will be inspected, loaded and unloaded numerous times during the auto transport from Boise Idaho to Illinois process. For this reason, it will most likely travel unlocked. Decrease the risk of theft by removing custom stereos, after-market video and DVD players, TVs, GPS Systems, radio faceplates and detachable CD players. Ship these items separately. Do not pack your car with personal items. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when auto shipping from Boise Idaho to Illinois. It is likely that your carrier will refuse to transport your vehicle if it contains personal belongings. In addition, vehicle transporters are not licensed to transfer goods, so doing this could result in penalties.

    An automotive transporter’s insurance will not cover any personal items inside your vehicle. These objects may shift during auto transport from Boise Idaho to Illinois that can cause immense damage to your vehicle. You will be held liable if your belongings cause harm to another vehicle or the transport truck. Furthermore, these items will add to the weight of the vehicle, which will impact the price and speed of the auto shipping from Boise Idaho to Illinois service. You need to be thorough when preparing your vehicle for this will be a huge help for your transporters. In case you need more guides from professionals, feel free to visit or call ASG at (888) 588-1269. Their agents will gladly take care of all your needs.