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    Tips from Auto Shipping Group to make your Vehicle Transport Easy

    Many car transport customers worry about preparing their vehicle for auto transport from Boise Idaho to Connecticut. But there’s no need for concern. Not much is required on the part of the customer. Really, our driver does all the work. You just need to be on-call for pick-up day with your empty vehicle and a key. You don’t need to prepare any documents or present any paperwork to purchase auto shipping from Boise Idaho to Connecticut services. In fact, we recommend you remove any insurance documentation and important personal documents from the vehicle before shipment. Our driver does not need proof that your vehicle is insured, so you don’t need to risk letting those personal papers out of your sight. The only document needed to ship a car is the Bill of Lading and our driver will bring that for your signature – both on pick-up and delivery.

    With this, we recommend you to remove items from your vehicle. As handy as it would be to pack your vehicle with belongings, your auto transport from Boise Idaho to Connecticut quote is priced for the shipment of the vehicle only. Additional belongings often accrue additional fees – if they can be accepted at all. Sometimes, your carrier has no room in his weight limit to allow additional items, and/or, he doesn’t want to risk the fines he would face to include your personal belongings. It’s best to assume that the auto shipping from Boise Idaho to Connecticut service is for your empty vehicle only. 

    It’s easy to prepare your vehicle for auto transport from Boise Idaho to Connecticut! There’s literally nothing to it! Of course, if you have any questions about preparing your vehicle or need more information about auto shipping from Boise Idaho to Connecticut, please give us a call at (888) 588-1269 and visit to get a free quote.