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    The Traits a Great Company Should Possess 

    Doesn’t Give False Promises

    The industry is based on various moving parts. Any company that promises an exact day for delivery or pickup is trying to over sell you their car shipping from Boise Idaho to Alabama service. Many short distance runs can be accurate to the day, however if the vehicle is available right away, it’s fair to estimate for a couple of days to get picked up. Auto carriers travel about 300-500 miles a day. Be careful with over ambitious delivery dates especially if a truck is not yet assigned. Some trucks have team drivers, which allow one to rest as the other drives. Make sure that you get honest car moving from Boise Idaho to Alabama service in terms of dates.

    Makes Sure You Leave Room for Error

    A good and experienced company will make sure you are leaving room for error. That is done so they don’t miss you at the pickup location. They will suggest scheduling your car shipping from Boise Idaho to Alabama. Typically it will be more than a day to allow room for delays. That’s a big deal. Over ambitious sales people that aren’t properly trained make you think that car moving from Boise Idaho to Alabama works with guaranteed dates. There are various moving parts to this and it’s best to understand that a date range protects you.

    They Provide an Inspection Report

    This is also known as the Bill of Lading. It is necessary to have a copy at both pickup and delivery. They will do a walk-around of the vehicle at the time they come get it. Also, expect another at the time of delivery. By doing these inspections, you can see if any damage happened during car shipping from Boise Idaho to Alabama. Make sure you and the driver of the carrier signs each one. It is your only way to claim insurance if damage occurred when car moving from Boise Idaho to Alabama. If you want to learn more how to spot a great company, visit or call ASG at (888) 588-1269. They know what qualities a good company has for they themselves are the best.