Security of Your Vehicle Should Be First Priority of an Automobile Shipping Company

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Car Shipping

When you hand over your valuable vehicles to an automobile shipping company, it means you trust them to do a good job in transporting your vehicle across hundreds of miles and even international borders safely and securely. Auto shipping companies provide their client with lots of choices keeping in mind the safety aspects of the vehicle being shipped. Some important terminologies in the vehicle moving services include –

  • Carrier shipping modes – most vehicle movers provide the option of enclosed and open carrier shipping. While the former means that your vehicle is travelling within an enclosed space the latter means that your automobile is being shipped in a carrier that is open at least from one side. This means that in the open mode the vehicle is exposed to different elements like weather conditions – rain, storm, hail, sun – and even dust and moisture in the air etc. In the case of the closed carrier however the vehicle is completely protected from all this natural element that have the potential to cause damage to the car. Another aspect that is important to know here is that the open shipping method cost way less than the enclosed carrier shipping. Obviously, you need to choose as per your budget and requirement. Vintage and expensive cars of course should be shipped via the enclosed mode. Many specialized automobile shipping companies provide for a third type of carrier – called the classic carrier that is meant for ferrying across premium and classic cars and vehicles.
  • Door-to-door shipping and terminal-to-terminal shipping – the first is the case where the auto shipper picks up the vehicle from your door or at a convenient place decided between the company and the client and delivers the car back at the new address of the client. In the latter, the client hands over his vehicle at the dock and takes back the vehicle from the vehicle mover at the new port. Again, the price is definitely an important factor here because the former costs much more than the latter. But from the safety angle, the former looks much better.

Though the final decision is yours, that is the clients; reliable and leading automobile shipping companies counsel and inform their clients’ well-in-advance the pros and the cons of each method so that the client is able to take an informed decision. Many top auto shippers limit their options because they believe in focussing their energies only on the safer methods.

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