Open Air Auto Transport Vs Enclose Air Auto Transport Service

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Auto Transport

When you are searching for auto transport company to transport your vehicle to other city or state, auto transport Phoenix services are usually classified in two ways 1) terminal to terminal and door to door car shipping 2) open air auto transport and enclosed air auto transport shipping services.

Open-Air Auto Transport

When the auto transport company uses its trucks to transport several vehicles at a time, it is an open air auto transport and is usually consisting of trailers sizing typically between 75 and 80 feet in length. There are typically no sides and roofs on the trailers. Open air auto transport Phoenix is popular and the least costly way of transporting your vehicles. It gives better visibility to the driver, so they can easily inspect the vehicles while in transit. It is also a good option if several vehicles are being transported using car shipping Boston service to the same location.

Open Air Auto Transport

Enclosed Air Auto Transport

When your vehicle is transported in an enclosed trailer, it is known as enclosed air auto transport and it is usually chosen for costly vehicles, antiques, luxury or expensive sports cars as they need higher level off security and protection. Enclosed car shipping service Phoenix also safeguard vehicle from the weather and any potentially damaging debris. However, unlike open trailers, driver is not able to make routine inspections of the vehicles during transit and also it is less fuel efficient than open-air models.

In order to choose between open air and enclosed car shipping service Phoenix, you need to consider the factors like degree of security needed for the auto transport. For instance, if it is a vintage or collector’s car, you may want to move it with highest degree of caution using fully-enclosed trailer to move your vehicle. On the other hand, if you are transporting an older model, you may choose for less costly method to suit your needs.

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