How The Advanced Technologies Shaping the Future of Maine Auto Transport Industry

by | May 27, 2019 | Auto Transport

Much like cell phones are now capable of doing more than making calls, the transportation industry can do much more than a shipment of vehicles. It is the continuous evolution of modern technology, which brings a storm of revolution to almost every industry, especially in the transportation sector which anyone could ever expect. In recent years, the working structure of Maine auto transport has been upgraded with a much-advanced technologies.

Technology has changed the way how the shipment professionals- interact with customers, how they load and secure cargo, etc. It is the efficient use of the technology that today we’ve seen major strides in long-haul trucking tech – fuel efficiency is higher, faster and cheaper commutes, loads are safer, and communication is spontaneous as well as immediate problem-solving.

All these changes bring down a significant impact to the car moving service of shipment industry. Below are the five ways technology is shaping the growth and progress of the auto transporting industry:

Internet of Things (IoT) – Digital technologies like sensors and the Internet of Things is the best innovation till now, which reduce the much stress of vehicle owner as well as transportation executives. This technology provides the much-needed information about the exact location of the fleet, also the time it will take to reach the final destination. The technology makes it much easy for the customer to track the location of freight and stay updated with its time to time movement throughout the journey.

Vehicle To Everything (V2X) – Technology to enable constant communication between a vehicle and anything in an environment that may affect its safe journey and might delay its arrival time. These are the obstacle which can be anything, it may be other vehicles (V2V), surrounding infrastructure, like traffic lights and even phones (vehicle-to-phone, which enables communication between cars and pedestrians holding a smartphone). V2X technology supports the transportation companies by providing 360-degree situational awareness on the road to ensure the safety of the freight.

Route optimization- One of the most popular technologies ever introduced to the transportation industry, which completed narrow down the timeline of drivers is- route optimization. By leveraging the data collected from tracking devices and analyzed by advanced software, auto shipment companies are able to view and automatically consolidate their targeted routes like never before. Optimized routes will lead to reduce the miles and provide the shortest route which ultimately saved money.

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There is no wrong to say that technology really does a lot to reduce the burden of auto shipment companies and provide a higher level of satisfaction to the customer. As more technology leaves its impact over the coming years, the transportation sector will continue to reap its rewards.

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