Finding Best Shipping Company for Classic Car Transportation

by | May 31, 2018 | Auto Transportation

When you are looking for any Miami car transport service to ship your classic car, you cannot rely on any shipping company to transport your precious car. Here are some tips to choose the right company to transport your classic car:

Whether you are looking for auto shipping from California to Idaho or any other place, it is very important to research thoroughly into company to assure safe transportation. One should start with search for reviews of the company on Google, and check everything from BBB ratings to online reviews to get a detailed information.

Before you get your classic car transported, you must get your car inspected thoroughly for any issues like fuel, faulty brakes etc. If your classic car is being shipped in a closed container, you need to drain the fuel before transporting it. One must get a written proof of car’s condition before transporting it to the port.

Classic Car Transportation

Some Miami car transport service providers offer transport for vehicles to the port. If you are unable to drive your car to the port, most shipping services also provide carriers for it. It is always better to hire single company for handling transportation to port as you won’t have to deal with different agents.

When you are looking for a carrier to transport your classic car, you need to know difference of open car carriers and enclosed car carriers. Both have their pros and cons. Open car carriers are open to external elements like weather conditions, dust etc. On the other hand, enclosed carriers are in which cars are transported in enclosed trailers. There are least chances of car being damaged during the transit. Also, enclosed careers are available as single-car and multi-car enclosed carriers. When you opt for single enclosed car trailers, your car will be transported individually. While, in case of multi car carrier, two to six cars are transported together. You need to make choice as per your budget and preferences.

When you are arranging for classic car’s transport to the port, you must get the cost of insurance policy of the company to check if the amount they are insured is enough to cover any damage to your valuable classic car or not. If you find it inadequate, you can ask company for a custom insurance policy for your classic car.

The cost of transporting your classic car depends on distance, time frame, type of trailer and transportation service that works best for you. It is prudent to get quotes from multiple Miami car transport service providers specialising in classic cars only and choose the company providing quality companies at reasonable prices.

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