Enclosed Vehicle Shipping Vs. Open Vehicle Shipping

by | May 29, 2017 | Car Shipping

If you own a car, you obviously want to take all the precautionary measures when it comes to transporting your vehicle from one place to another. Hence, you would opt for enclosed Car Transport Services because you don’t want your prized possession to be damaged for any reason.

There are many Car Shipping Services in the USA who provide closed carrier auto shipping. Most of the enclosed car shipping carriers are small and accommodate 3 to 6 cars. This means that there are fewer cars to be transported and thus, your car would be shipped faster. Other advantages of using an enclosed car shipping services is:-

  • Vehicle protected from natural calamities – Nobody can predict the weather. Who knows that what kind of weather conditions you may have to go through during the transportation. Enclosed Vehicle Shipping promises zero damage services. Since the transportation carrier is closed, your vehicle is protected from harmful UV rays that can affect the car paint. Also, humid weather can rust the metal due to accumulation of moisture.
  • Protection from dust and pollution – Choosing an Open Carrier Auto Transport will make your car exposed to many problems. It may take days to move a vehicle from one place to another. Dust particles can easily enter smallest of the holes and can dirty your car, both from inside and outside. By the time the vehicle reaches you, you can hardly recognize it because of the accumulation of dust and then you would have to pay to get it cleaned. Therefore, with an enclosed car shipping service, there are fewer reasons to worry.
  • Protected from poor road conditions – Though most roads in the USA are maintained, there could be patches where you can find rocks or road debris that can add to the damage in an open carrier. Damaged cars have lesser value in the market than the maintained cars. So, if you plan to sell your car in future, you might not get the value you deserve for your vehicle.

Thus, looking at the above reasons, it proves that vehicle shipping in closed carrier is a much better option than open carrier. No doubts that open carriers are cheaper than the enclosed ones. But imagine the kind of damage it can do to you vehicle which you might have to get it rectified once it reaches you. You would have to shed additional money for repairs which you were saving on closed carrier. Therefore, go for Car Delivery Service who can provide you enclosed vehicle shipping.

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