Why Should You Avoid Putting Personal Items in Auto carriers?

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Auto Transport, Car Shipping

If you are thinking of putting few personal items in the vehicle being transported to new city, it is not a good idea. Auto shipping companies are nowadays offering vehicle shipping services to all destinations in USA such as Charlotte car Shipping, Worcester auto shipping, San Antonio Auto Shipping and more. However, even if you choose the best Auto shipping service in Seattle or any other destination in USA, there are many god reasons why you shouldn’t do include personal items in the vehicles being transported:

  • First of all, it is violation of FMCSA regulations for auto carriers to transports personal possessions within the vehicle. Whether you are using Charlotte car Shipping or Worcester auto shipping, Auto transporters in USA are now allowed to transport things that aren’t motor vehicles as they are licensed to transport vehicles only.
  • Insurance companies do not cover the loss or damaged caused to the personal items within a transported vehicle. If you keep your stereo system or TV right in the trump of a vehicle and it is damaged on the way, you won’t be covered by any insurance policy as Worcester auto shipping companies are not licensed to carry anything other than vehicle.
  • There are strict weight limitations that vehicle carriers must follow. The additional weight in the vehicle may cause overweight to the vehicle. Weight of the vehicle is an important factor for setting up prices used by auto transport companies. Be it car, truck or SUVs, all of them fit in respective weight classes. The larger the vehicle, the more expensive it will be to ship it anywhere.

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