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    Transferring a Classic Ride to Another State Should Be Done According to these Steps

    Find A Professional Transport Company

    Classic cars are shipped far more often than standard vehicles, as the value of a vintage directly correlates with its condition. With limited stock available, buyers often don’t have the luxury of a local sale and must turn to professional transport services for delivery. By using a vehicle shipper for your classic auto transport from Bismarck North Dakota to Illinois, you can maintain both the pristine condition and mileage of your vehicle.Auto Shipping Group helps you to secure quotes from some of the top auto shipping from Bismarck North Dakota to Illinois service providers. These licensed transporters specialize in shipping antique and collectible cars nationwide. They have the expertise and knowledge to keep your prized vehicle safe no matter how far it needs to travel.

    Make Sure the Trailer Used Is Enclosed

    When shipping a vintage, it’s imperative to use an enclosed trailer. An enclosed truck will protect the auto from the elements or other hazards on the roadway during auto transport from Bismarck North Dakota to Illinois. This type of trailer also has special safety harnesses to ensure that the car doesn’t shift or bump into the sides of the container during auto shipping from Bismarck North Dakota to Illinois. You may also want to ask your carrier if they protect antique vehicles with a cloth cover. This soft fabric layer provides an additional shield against dust and dirt that could harm the paint job.

    Check Insurance Coverage

    To operate legally, all carriers must maintain a minimum level of cargo insurance. Be sure to ask your auto transport from Bismarck North Dakota to Illinois company about the type and scope of coverage included with your shipment to ensure the value of your car is fully insured. Also take a few minutes and speak with your own insurance agent to understand how your classic car insurance coverage works during auto shipping from Bismarck North Dakota to Illinois.For more details, visit or call our team at (888) 588-1269.