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    What Happens After Booking for your Shipping Service?

    Prepare your vehicle for the trip

    Once you’ve booked your car shipping from Beverly, MA to Oregon order, you’ll need to prepare for pickup. Gather all necessary documentation and store in a safe place, including your current photo ID, your booking confirmation, proof of insurance for your car, and your car’s registration. The auto transport company will provide insurance during car moving from Beverly Massachusetts to Oregon, but it’s a good idea to double-check your own insurance policy or speak with your insurance representative beforehand. For both pickup and delivery, either you or someone you trust will need to be available to meet the driver, so make arrangements ahead of time to avoid delays in your shipment. Make sure your vehicle is clean, and take note of any existing dents or scratches on the car. Lastly, check the fluid levels in the car as well, keeping in mind the weather through which your vehicle will travel.

    Hand your vehicle off for shipment

    A truck will come to pick up your vehicle for car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Oregon within your scheduled time frame. The auto transport company will keep you updated on when the truck is coming. When the driver arrives, he or she will go over a bill of lading — an agreement between you and the auto transport company that details the item being shipped and what condition it’s in before it’s loaded onto the truck. Go over this carefully with the driver, as you will need to inspect the vehicle using this document once the car moving from Beverly Massachusetts to Oregon process is over.

    Receive your vehicle at your destination

    Again, the auto transport company should provide regular updates on your vehicle’s location throughout the car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Oregon journey and they will let you know when it will arrive at the destination. Upon delivery, you’ll review the bill of lading with the truck driver to make sure your vehicle is in the same condition as when it was picked up. If you have any issues or questions, be sure to follow up with the shipping company as soon as possible — ideally before the truck driver leaves. Then relax, because you’re all finished! If this guide has been helpful for the preparation of your car moving from Beverly Massachusetts to Oregon, let us know by calling +1-888-850-1898.