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    What are the Fundamentals of Open and Enclosed Vehicle Transport that You Should Know?

    Choosing between open and enclosed approach is an important thing to consider when availing auto shipping from Beverly, MA to Alabama services. There are drawbacks and benefits to each method and you will need to look at these carefully before you make your decision. To make it easy to select the best carrier for your type of transport, we listed the fundamentals of open and enclosed car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Alabama below:

     Open Car Transport

    Open auto shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Alabama is the cheapest type. More than 90% of vehicles travel in an open carrier with extremely few incidents. When using an open carrier, your vehicle is exposed to weather, rocks and other debris. This risk is about the same if you drive a vehicle yourself it. However, when your car is transported with an open carrier, it is important to use A-rated brokers with a strong customer service history and full coverage insurance. Try to find a company like Auto Shipping Group that has the ability to start an insurance claim on your behalf at any time, and that will always cover any potential damages. This way, you can rest assured that open car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Alabama is an affordable and viable option.

    Enclosed Car Transport

    Enclosed auto shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Alabama is generally used for classic or recently painted luxury cars. The cost for this method of transport is about 60% higher than the cost of the open shipping method. If you have a car that you consider to be priceless because of the rarity of it, enclosed shipment will likely be the best method for you. Also, many enclosed carriers are equipped with special equipment that can safely manage vehicles with low ground clearance. This car shipping from Beverly Massachusetts to Alabama method keeps the vehicle in an encased truck and this means that there is virtually no risk of any rocks or debris hitting your car itself because the trailer will be protecting it. In case you want to choose this approach, hire Auto Shipping Group to do the job for you. Call them today at +1-888-850-1898 and visit their website for more details.