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    Parts of the Bill of Lading You Should Know

    Vehicle Condition

    The vehicle condition section is where any current damages will be marked when the driver prepares for the auto shipping from Baton Rouge Los Angeles to California process. When there are dents and dings, each one should be marked, as well as notes about broken windows or other items. When vehicle has sustained major damage during car shipping from Baton Rouge Los Angeles to California and the individual items are too numerous to list, a driver may just circle a section of the car where there’s damage.

    Terms and Conditions

    You don’t want to just skim over these. Auto shipping from Baton Rouge Los Angeles to California service providers have different Terms and Conditions (T&Cs), so even if you’ve shipped before, you’ll want to read the T&Cs for your current carrier. This is where expectations are set. You don’t want to be in a situation where things didn’t go the way you expected because you didn’t read the terms and conditions. These situations do happen in the car shipping from Baton Rouge Los Angeles to California industry, as they do in many other industries, so please make sure that you pay attention to all the legalities regarding your carrier.


    When your vehicle arrives, you and the driver will both sign the Bill of Lading. Before you sign it, do a visual inspection and compare that on what is indicated in the Vehicle Condition section. If you don’t agree with what is on the document, don’t sign it. This is a legal document and once you sign it then it is binding. Your signature releases the carrier and it indicates they have completed their part of the transaction to your satisfaction. Understanding the Bill of Lading will help minimize any stress you may feel about auto shipping from Baton Rouge Los Angeles to California. We know that people want to have something in their presence once they’ve paid for it, especially when it costs as much as a car. But when that something requires shipping, we at Auto Shipping Group do everything possible to make sure your car shipping from Baton Rouge Los Angeles to California experience is smooth and worry-free. Get in touch with us now to start the transport process, reach us at or call us at (888) 588-1269.